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General Questions

What is FaceX?

FaceX is a fully app-automated organic facial bar created with your time, preferences and skin care needs in mind. Our first location in Beverly Hills is a modern boutique that delivers a spa-level, five-step organic facial experience in express time (30 minutes) using the best and most nourishing ingredients that promote natural, radiant and glowing skin – “maximum bliss in minimal time".

Tell me about the facials at FaceX? Are they unique in any way?

FaceX delivers a spa-level, five-step organic facial experience in express time (30 minutes) using the best and most nourishing ingredients that promote natural, radiant, glowing skin

FaceX facials are not “one size fits all”.

Every ingredient in every FaceX treatment is pure, plant-based and organic with a specific therapeutic function to effectively target a wide range of skin conditions.

With active ingredients like apple cider vinegar, papaya and rose water, it’s like a juice cleanse for your face.

What were the problems that FaceX addressed?

FaceX is a seamless automated experience. The Bluetooth sensors at the door auto check you in and let you know your treatment room. You can head to your room directly at your appointment time. No uncomfortable/rude receptionists to taint your experience. Our research found that “rude receptionists” topped the list of reasons people disliked (and often avoided) the treatment experience. People coming in for services should be treated well and that doesn’t always happen in a traditional service setting. The FaceX approach eliminates the receptionist, and the entire experience is automated through our app, which is activated on your phone the moment you walk through the door.

How is FaceX different from any of the other facial bars popping up from coast to coast?

The FaceX experience is the first major technology innovation in the self care industry in decades. Unlike traditional spas, FaceX is the only one that automates the entire experience from start to finish.

Based on extensive research, FaceX identified a need in the beauty treatment marketplace for a better customer experience that eliminates the “front office” and allows people to fully customize their entire visit through an intuitive app. From making an appointment and selecting a treatment to choosing the ambiance, music and therapist and ultimately completing payment. If you’re running late, no problem. A simple tap of the screen notifies the therapist without having to call.

FaceX created a technology solution to address every challenge faced in the traditional facial experience. We do everything “exponentially” better than what is currently available.

The Experience

Do I have to book in the app and what are my options?

We have multiple options to book with faceX. The most convenient way to book and save time is through our mobile app. All of our technology features are available through our mobile app, including options to customize your service.

The next option is to book your appointment on our website. Here you have access to booking and canceling appointments at your convenience. You will have to go through the app to customize your experience since there is currently no option to customize your in store experience on the website. Simply use the kiosk upon arrival to check-in and we will promptly assist you.

You may also contact our customer care number to make an appointment. However, you would have to manually check-in at the kiosk and pay directly to the aesthetician at the end of your service.

What if I want/need to reschedule my appointment?

Scheduling and rescheduling are super simple on the app. You can reschedule up to 4 hours before your facial.

Why do I have to enter my credit card?

We require a credit card on file to book an appointment. During registration, you will be prompted to enter and authenticate your credit card. All transactions are secured in the most updated PCI compliant and secure way, so you can rest assured your information is safe with us. Charges are only processed after the service has been completed, and you will always have an option to choose another method of payment at check out.

We require 4 hour’s notice to change or cancel your appointment. When applicable, a charge of 50% will be deducted from your service fee. You will not be charged for your appointment until you’ve had your facial. You’ll only need to provide this information once (unless you get a shiny, new credit card).

What if I arrive outside the 7-minute grace period and the esthetician doesn’t have another appointment, can I still get my facial?

At, FaceX we try our best to accommodate you, and depending on the schedule for that day we might be able to take you immediately or schedule you for our next available appointment.

Can I use my own playlist? (can I use Spotify, Pandora playlists?)

Yes, this is “your” time. We can play your playlist from your phone on the in-room speaker.

How easy to use is your app?

Our customer-centered app is similar to the most commonly used on-demand apps. It is incredibly easy and intuitive. It makes booking, rescheduling and keeping up with your routine as stress-free as your facial. Should you encounter any difficulties, you can reach out to our “Help” desk online or by calling our customer care number

What if I am running late?

We know you’re busy and life can sometimes delay your arrival. You will get a notification on your phone at a time that you have pre-set on the app (one week up to one hour before) that reminds you that it’s time to wrap up what you’re doing and head out for some “me time.” A 7-minute grace period is built into your appointment time, after that you will need to reschedule on the app.

There’s no receptionist, how do I check-in and check-out? What if I have questions?

Our proprietary research showed that clients’ least favorite interaction was with the receptionist, perhaps she/he was busy, dismissive or rude. So, we found a solution and created a better experience.

At FaceX, we want our clients to feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable and we found a way to do it without having to rely on one person making our best first impression. Our proprietary sensors using Bluetooth Technology detect your comings and goings and sync with the FaceX app.

You will receive a notification on your phone that welcomes you to FaceX and invites you to enjoy a freshly made juice shot at our juice bar staffed by one of our employees.

She/he will be the only person you see until you are greeted by your esthetician. She/he can also answer any questions you have and help you with the app if you need. The rest of the experience is customized by you… lighting, aroma and music.

The FaceX sensors also check you out and that addresses another commonly voiced issue - the awkwardness around tipping. Tipping is done via the FaceX app and anonymously. Your esthetician won’t know if you chose to tip, or not.

Do you offer Gift Cards? Can I purchase one online

Yes. We offer gift cards. Just go to our web-store and enter the amount you wish to purchase and we will deliver them instantly to your email or your gift recipient email.

Can I request a specific esthetician?

Absolutely! Our app even makes it easier for you as we show pictures of our estheticians for your convenience. Just select on the name, time and payment option and you are ready to go.